Resources for Workbook for From Trauma to Freedom:

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432 Hertz music meditation: 

Guided shamanic journeys to the lower world and upper world:

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The Pivotal Moment of Connection

Kristina: As my healing journey continued, I felt an inner call to write about my experiences. After twenty years of writing my memories, I began to receive higher guidance that my healing journey was to be a book. I did my best to honor this calling. However, in spite of all the heart and soul I put into it, I had the constant feeling that the book was not finished. Even though I knew I had given it all that I had to offer. It wasn’t until I had met Heather Ensworth that the feeling finally changed. I knew she held the missing wisdom, insight, knowledge, and life experience that was so essentially needed. 

Heather: I was contacted by Kristina from the Philippines in 2014 for an astrology reading. After this, she came to meet with me when doing a spiritual retreat here in the United States. At our first encounter, she told me that we would be writing a book together. I was stunned, not knowing her and not having a clue as to what book she was referring to. And then within a year, we were immersed in writing this book, just as Kristina had intuitively seen it!

Alchemy Happens When Two Souls Converge

In this book, Kristina shares her personal journey from severe early physical, sexual, emotional, and ritual abuse through her process of healing across 20 years through all of the layers of emotional and spiritual healing that she undertook. She then also shares all that she has learned as an energy medicine practitioner in supporting others in healing from their experiences of trauma. 

Heather brings to the book her 30 years of experience as a clinical psychologist working with trauma — from working with homeless people in Los Angeles to psychotic children and adults to those who are highly successful in life but struggle with inner emotional and psychological wounds. She also shares her journey of exploring other cultural paths to healing including shamanism, astrology, and ancient wisdom and healing traditions. Together, Kristina and Heather share their personal and professional experiences (of over 50 years) to share their ever-deepening understanding of the process of healing.

The Intention for this Book

To support you in healing from the wounds of the past and to reclaim your wholeness by helping you:

  • Heal from trauma on all levels
  • Reintegrate the split off and wounded parts of yourself
  • Reclaim your inner wholeness
  • Find your connection with Spirit and with your soul self
  • Regain healthy relationships with others 
  • Find your gifts and express your unique creativity
  • Remember your oneness with all that is
  • Regain a sense of inner peace and stillness
  • Find healthy ways to deal with stress 
  • Feel empowered in your life rather than feeling victimized or mired in your past trauma
  • Know true freedom from the pain of the past, from the fear of the future and find the ability to be truly alive and joyful in the present moment
  • Live a life of purpose and meaning